The BARRE - FITNESS Redefined

The Barre Valencia studio and fitness program was with our clients in mind. We wanted women to have a place where they could not only get fit, but also unplug from their busy lives.

We focus on three key components that we found lacking in most fitness environments:


No one likes being in a packed class. It's not only uncomfortable, but sometimes dangerous. It makes it difficult to focus when you are concerned about getting kicked in the head. THE BARRE limits class sizes to 15 people in a room built for 20. This way you can focus and have plenty of room to move. 


It's nice when people know your name, but it’s even nicer when they know your story. Our team takes the time to learn about you and what inspires your daily routine.


It's well known that stress leads to weight gain, lack of motivation and sometimes illness. THE BARRE was designed to look and feel like a SPA. Comfortable couches, polished maple ballet barres, and even free espresso, tea and water. We installed special padded floors throughout the studio to protect your back and joints. We choose instructors who are positive, focused and drama free. We offer themed classes to help you deal with difficulties outside the studio space. 


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