A Gold Standard - A Gold Memento

I believe that hard work should be rewarded.  I also believe in the importance of consistency and dedication to a healthy lifestyle.  

At The Barre Valencia in addition to an extensive barre education, we offer a positive outlook on life. We encourage our students to reach goals and support each other in achieving those goals. Everyone is considered family at the studio, and the best thing about family is that they are there to cheer you on and pick you up when you need a little encouragement.


Our customized gold barre necklaces were created with DEDICATION in mind.  They are designed with the notion that as a studio owner I want to honor those students that have been a part of the lifestyle the studio creates.  Along with commitment to their health and well-being, they have believed in the studio and dedicated their time.  Our students are more than familiar faces, they are the support system for studio dreams during its growth.

After completing 20 Signature bare 101 classes, a student at The Barre Valencia is eligible to take Barre 102 Execution class; our level two class! Where the set ups are much more minimal, class runs faster, and we use extra weight and props to take our barre education to the next level. 

Once they have completed their first Execution class a student receives their gold barre necklace! It is such a special moment and has been one of the most rewarding experiences not only for my students but for me as their instructor and studio owner.  Congratulations you stunners!


The Barre Valencia

Santa Clarita Valley’s premiere barre studio located in Santa Clarita, CA