Quality Over Quantity

At The Barre Valencia we are known for exceeding expectations in customer service.

One of the ways we deliver a unique, personalized, barre-class experience is by keeping our class sizes small. 

We allow a maximum of 15 people in our studio room, this guarantees that every student has individualized attention from the Instructor and enough space to move freely without feeling cramped. Because our technique is based on precision and form, small class sizes also make our students bodies visible at all times to the teacher so he/she can help make corrections.

Barre is an education for the mind and body and that is exactly why we stress the importance of providing an optimal learning environment.  Besides the one-on-one attention from the Instructor, our small class sizes have helped our community of woman develop deep lasting relationships.  Our students get an opportunity to know each other, laugh with each other, and care about each other.

Our Instructors are also able to tailor instruction more individually.  We take note when a student has made progression in a position that has been challenging for them in the past.  And we are also able to attend to newer students just as well as we are able to tend to the performance of more advanced students that might be taking the same class. 

And the best thing about small classes? They are more focused.  Our students work HARD and they expect an environment to thrive in so they can concentrate and reach their fitness goals.  Small classes are less disruptive, they are quieter, and have a therapeutic quality to them that allows the mind to better connect with the body.  A stronger mind builds a stronger body, and a strong body builds a confident, well-balanced person.

If you are looking for a more personalized approach to your fitness routine, we look forward to introducing you to our environment! See you at The Barre Valencia. 

The Barre Valencia

Santa Clarita Valley’s premiere barre studio located in Santa Clarita, CA