Tuck Tribe Member of the Month “Jane”

Who better to kick off our Tuck Tribe Member of the Month feature than Jane?!? You may recognize Jane from both class AND our studio promo photos you’ve seen on our site and social media. Jane has been a dedicated member of The Barre Valencia since almost the beginning and she is the ONLY client that has taken over 500 classes at the studio! Jane, we are so happy to celebrate YOU!

Q: How long have you been a member of The Barre Valencia?

A: I've been with the studio for 3 wonderful years.

Q: What is your favorite part about attending class at The Barre Valencia?

A: I love coming to class because I can have "me" time and I'm able to disconnect from everyday life and focus on what I truly enjoy.

Q: How do you feel your body has changed from Barre classes?

A: Taking barre has made my body stronger and very toned.  I've been able to target those "problem" areas where other workouts never could.

Q: What is your favorite Barre exercise and why?

A: I like clam and hairpin because it really works my booty and I can also lay down while doing it :)

Q: Advice for anyone who is thinking about trying Barre for the first time?

A: Do not feel intimidated or afraid to give barre a chance.  It is a great workout and you will always be challenged and never bored.  Everyone struggles in class but that's a good thing because you know it's working and the proof will be how great your booty will look in those new Alo leggings!!!


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