Meet our new Tuck Tribe Member of the Month, Kaitlin! Lovingly known as “Patient Zero” because she was our FIRST CLIENT EVER! She was the first person to sign up for the studio and has been a dedicated member ever since, always being a cheerleader for everything The Barre Valencia. Kaitlin, we are so happy to celebrate YOU!

Q: How long have you been a member of The Barre Valencia?

A: Since Jenn opened the doors! I was so excited!

Q: What is your favorite part of coming to classes at The Barre Valencia?

A: There are so many things I love but the top of the list would be my ME time. Being a full time working mom of two little girls…it’s easy to get pushed to the side and not take care of my own mental, physical, emotional health. I love that I have 3 scheduled hours a week that I know I will get to myself to recenter and be better. My girls see me taking care of myself and making my body strong. I love that.

Q: How do you feel your body has changed from Barre classes?

A: I feel like my body has evolved as the classes have evolved. 101 got me long and lean, 102 got me moving faster and 103 gave me a booty and strong legs!

Q: What is your favorite Barre exercise and why?

A: Pretzel. Mostly because the first time I ever tried it, I could NOT do any of it. When we do it in class now, I feel like I get a front row seat to see for myself in the mirrors how far I’ve come

Q: Advice for anyone who is thinking about trying Barre for the first time?

A: It does not discriminate and you will never plateau are the two things I always tell people. It’s not a workout where certain people have an advantage. Size, age, athletic ability…we are all on the same ground and shaking at the same barre. There are very few workouts  you can actually say that about. 


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