We have a true passion for you.


The company of instructors at THE BARRE Valencia are a group of dedicated women who never want to stop learning. Trained thoroughly by Jennifer Barnes, our instructors share a commitment to provide students with elevated service and a chance to change their lives. "Little by little" students can shine through mind/body education as we give you a platform to perform. 

Jennifer Barnes

lululemon ambassador

Jennifer Barnes is the OWNER/HEAD INSTRUCTOR at THE BARRE in Valencia, CA. She also became a 2017-2018 Lululemon Ambassador for Barre in Santa Clarita.

Using over a decade of teaching and study in the fitness world, she incorporated a mix of yoga, pilates, barre and meditation into her teachings. This new brand of Barre Fitness is Jenn's own vision she created using her experience as a dancer. 

Beginning with her ballet childhood through to her selection as a master instructor for franchise The Bar Method, her ability to shine in any role has served her well. Jennifer's practice of patience allows her to discern positive paths and make bold choices. 

Jennifer's B.A. in Broadcast Production from the University of Colorado, strengthened her capacity to plan, execute and succeed with many projects.  Her company, THE BARRE, was created from her life progression and admiration of diligence, detail, confidence and beauty. She's blessed to bring her lifestyle to the Santa Clarita community thanks to the support of her husband Jonas and little boy Jackson.

Learning Jennifer's technique is a commitment to quality. Her example and leadership allow students to strengthen their mind/body connection and discover their body's incredible capability. 

"YOU will be my success. Every inch, every nail, every aspect of my studio has been thoughtfully placed for your experience. You will grow here, little by little, creating a beautiful life" --Jennifer Barnes.